Full Package of Essential Broker Services and Guidance, without paying a commission or success fees. Everything in the DIY Package and A’ la Carte Menu, plus Broker Support through the entire process, for ONE, amazingly AFFORDABLE price.

With the full package, we do a lot of the grunt work — the blocking and tackling — to get you ready to list your business and engage with buyers. We also coach you from prep to closing. This is a GREAT option for business owners who need the support of a pro, but want to handle the selling, negotiation, due diligence, and closing themselves. If you’re busy running your business and short on time or talent to do all the prep work, this is the best option for you.

1. Seller Preparation Assessment and Coaching

We help you assess your business like buyers will, to help you correct the weaknesses and improve its valuation. You will have access to our proprietary iREV business improvement system. iREV enables you to evaluate your business in eight areas: Product, Market, Sales, Customers, Team, Operations, Financials and Legal/Regulatory Issues. After completion of the assessment, we will make recommendations on what you can do to make your business more attractive to buyers and ensure an efficient selling process.

2. Broker Opinion of Value 

Upon review of your financials and the results of the prep assessment outlined above, we will prepare a Broker Opinion of Value. To perform this valuation we will benchmark the fundamentals of your business against similar businesses of size and scope in your industry. This valuation will suggest a price range within which most buyers can be expected to tender offers.

3. Writing the Blind Teaser

A blind teaser will be needed to list your business on the Businesses for Sale platforms. It’s also used as a tool when reaching out to qualified buyers. It does NOT identify the name or location of your business. It’s called a “blind teaser” because it provides buyers with a high-level overview of the opportunity without divulging any specific or confidential details. This is a sales piece, it must capture the attention and interest of qualified buyers in less than 5 SECONDS. Every part of it…every word…is important, from the HEADLINE, to the DESCRIPTION, to the UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION for the buyer. We are pros at writing this document. We know what works and what doesn’t to generate inquiries.

4. Writing the Selling Prospectus

A selling prospectus will be needed when first engaging interested and qualified buyers who sign your Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It provides them with all the relevant facts and figures on your business. It’s your primary selling document and is used by buyers to initially assess your business, determine if it is a match with their criteria and objectives, and make you an offer. We are pros at writing this document. We know what it needs to cover to motivate buyers to pursue the opportunity.

5. Non-Disclosure Agreement, Owner Consent to Sell and Disclosure Statement

Before releasing confidential details on your business, or engaging with interested buyers, you should have them sign an NDA. We will supply this document. We will also coach you on how to respond to objections or changes to your NDA. You’ll also need to provide prospective buyers with a ‘Shareholder or Owner Consent to Sell’ and ‘Seller Disclosure Statement’. These are expected, perfunctory documents. We will provide you with the appropriate forms and ensure they are filled out correctly.

6. Business Listing Services (BLS)

We are members of the best Business Listing Services. We will place your listing on the most relevant platforms for your business. Some of these platforms are only available to licensed brokers and you would not have access to them otherwise. The open listing platforms that would be available to you can be very expensive. This package covers all BLS listing fees.

7. Target Buyer Outreach Guidance

Listing your business on the Business Listing Services (BLS) Platforms is just one strategy for attracting buyers. The best strategy is identifying, qualifying and assembling a list of the most likely buyers of your business. We will help you identify the best targets, help you to contact the right decision makers, and coach you on how to approach and engage them.

8. Buyer Qualification Guidance

One of the annoyances that comes with selling a business is having to field inquiries from tire kickers, lookie-loos, and people simply trying to collect competitive intelligence on you and your business. You can waste a lot of time if you don’t know how to spot them and reject them quickly, so you can devote the appropriate time and resources on engaging with serious and qualified buyers. We will guide you on how to set up a system for qualifying people and companies who express interest in acquiring your business. We can even run some background checks on buyers using various databases we have access to.

9. Buyer Inspection Guidance

Interested buyers will want to tour the business and meet with the owner (and possibly key employees who might be staying with the business post acquisition). You can also expect a number of phone calls and meetings with different partners and representatives of the buyers. These interactions can make or break a deal. We coach you on how to handle them; what to say and do and what not to say and do. Think of it as batting practice before you step up to the plate in a real game.

10. Offer / Letter of Intent Guidance

If all goes well to this point, you’ll receive an offer, or Letter of Intent. It’s possible you could receive several offers, which puts you in a better negotiating position to drive terms with the best buyer. We coach you on how to entertain these offers, how to counter them, and how to negotiate them to ensure a deal that meets your objectives.

11. Due Diligence Guidance

After accepting an offer, the due diligence phase begins. Buyers will go about validating your business opportunity is what you have purported it to be. This is where most deals fall apart, sometimes after many weeks or months of work to close the sale. During this phase your business will likely be off the market. We will coach you on how to navigate the due diligence traps and keep the deal on the rails, while also keeping other interested buyers warm in case the deal falls apart.

12. Purchase Agreement Guidance

At some predetermined point during due diligence, you will be presented with a Purchase Agreement from the buyer and his or her counsel. It’s best to have your own legal counsel at this point. We don’t provide any legal advice, but we can make referrals to attorneys experienced in business sales. We can also coach you on business terms and strategies for negotiating the important points.

13. Transaction and Closing Management Guidance

There are a raft of issues to settle at closing, like lease assignment, inventory reconciliation, and accounts receivables. We coach you on what to expect and how to navigate the process to ensure the deal closes. The worse thing that can happen is to show up at the closing and certain issues have not been addressed, so the buyer postpones the closing. We’ll coach you on how to ensure everything goes smoothly at closing.

14. Transition Management Guidance

In most business sales, there is a transition period. You as the owner may agree to stay on for a while to help the new owner come up to speed. You may provide seller financing, which requires you to keep tabs on the business to ensure you get your payments. Your sale may also include an escrow “hold back” or “earn out” that pays you in the future based on certain agreed upon events or milestones. We coach you on how to navigate this transition period so you receive the full value you bargained for.

15. Misc. Advisory and Referral Services

Every sale has its unique opportunities and challenges. We’ve seen a lot of deals, we can guide you as these issues arise. It’s great to have a sounding board….someone you can call and bounce around ideas and options, without the meter ticking. We are here for you throughout the entire selling process. There may also be occasions when you will need outside expertise, such as legal, financial, tax, and regulatory advice and assistance. We have an extensive network of reputable professionals and can make the appropriate referrals.


PRICE: $10,729 $7500

DELIVERY: Delivered on a schedule mutually agreed upon at the beginning of the engagement.

TERMS: $2500 upon engagement. $2500 upon delivery of services 1-7 (the prep work). $2500 upon first buyer inquiry for services 8-15.

ROI: What’s the value of this package and your ROI? It depends on what your time is worth if you had to learn it and do it all yourself, or what you would have to pay professional service providers to outsource parts of it. If you only need a few of these services, check out our A’ la Carte Service Menu. If you purchased every service off the A’ la Carte Menu, your investment would be $10,729. By purchasing the Full Package, you SAVE $3,229.

On the other hand, if you retained a business broker to handle everything, you would pay about 10% of the sale price. On a $500,000 sale, that’s $50k large. A fixed price of $7500 is a darn good value and quite a savings for any business sold over $100,000. Having sold a few of our own companies, we WISH we could have had these services and this kind of professional support for only $7500. We would have put a lot more money in our pockets!